“That cannot be done,” he said.

“That cannot be done,” he said.  “We belong to this country alone, and cannot leave it.  There has never been a Winged Monkey in Kansas yet, and I suppose there never will be, for they don’t belong there.  We shall be glad to serve you in any way in our […]

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Edwin concluded triumphantly

  “An’ you ain’t never seen bad luck,” Edwin concluded triumphantly.  “You’re just as bad as Granser and his germs. You believe in what you  don’t see. Go on, Granser.” Hare-Lip, crushed by this metaphysical defeat, remained silent, and  the old man went on. Often and often, though this narrative […]

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You believe in what you don’t see

The chief difficulty Alice found at first was in managing her flamingo: she succeeded in getting its body tucked away, comfortably enough, under her arm, with its legs hanging down, but generally, just as she had got its neck nicely straightened out, and was going to give the hedgehog a […]

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What was them stone houses for?

“What was them stone houses for?” Hare-Lip queried. “You remember when your dad taught you to swim?” The boy nodded.  “Well, in the University of California—that is the name we had for  the houses—we taught young men and women how to think, just as I have  taught you now, by […]

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