“We shan’t wait a day longer,” said the Scarecrow.

“We shan’t wait a day longer,” said the Scarecrow. “You must keep your promises to us!” exclaimed Dorothy. The Lion thought it might be as well to frighten the Wizard, so he gave a large, loud roar, which was so fierce and dreadful that Toto jumped away from him in alarm and tipped over the screen that stood in a corner.  As it fell with a crash they looked that way, and the next moment all of them were filled with wonder.  For they saw, standing in just the spot the screen had hidden, a little old man, with a bald head and a wrinkled face, who seemed to be as much surprised as they were. The Tin Woodman, raising his axe, rushed toward the little man and cried out, “Who are you?” “I am Oz, the Great and Terrible,” said the little man, in a trembling voice.

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